dr lisa kane

I am pathologically curious about the world and a large part of my life has been spent with my nose in the pages of a book.

This led me into academic research 

My PhD research took me away from traditional transport planning and into Science and Technology Studies. I told the story of the Unfinished Foreshore Freeway and about how ways of valuing such as ‘efficiency’ or ‘speed’ are stubborn. They become embedded in materials and technologies; embodied in individuals or social arrangements; or circulate in engineering practices.

Lately I have been researching and writing my ancestor’s stories. Uncovering ancestor stories has somehow made me feel more rooted and given me a sense of being part of a much bigger whole. Which is special.  

I’m particularly curious about great-grandparents. Those eight individuals, our parent’s grandparents, rarely known and yet so close we can almost touch them.  


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Politics of Roads


Foreshore Freeway


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