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Lisa Kane “Motorized” normal_

“Motorized” normal?

I can’t read “Non Motorized” without thinking “Non White” and “Non European”. Then I’m left wondering what the consequences are of South Africans adopting the term “NMT” (Non Motorized Transport)? “Non Motorized”, like “Non European”, makes one category normal and the other abnormal. With being normal and abnormal come the...

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Lisa Kane Do roads have politics?

Do roads have politics?

This question – do roads have politics – from Langdon Winner in 1980 has been beguiling me for a (long) time. Winner asked it while describing 1920s ‘parkway’ access routes from New York City to the beaches of Long Island. The routes provided one of the few means for New...

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Lisa Kane Four truths about roads and ‘unfinished’ freeways

Four truths about roads and ‘unfinished’ freeways

When exasperated Professor of Transport Policy, Phil Goodwin took to the stage for his inaugural lecture at the University College London, with a lecture memorably titled, Solving Congestion (when we must not build roads, increase spending, lose votes, damage the economy, and will never find equilibrium), he took a well-aimed...

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