dr lisa kane

dr lisa kane is a researcher and writer
with a fascination for the stories that roads
can tell about what we value most

What I'm working on

My current book project, Uncurbed: A woman on roads, will change forever how you experience the world at your feet. 

In it I share a lifetime of reflections on roads, both as an engineer and as a sociologist. 

Moving between my roots in Wolverhampton and Cape Town, the book is a rallying call for feminine-inspired justice in the largely hidden world of roads engineering.

But it’s also the story of a woman finding her voice, and her sense of humour, in the sometimes turgid world of road engineering.


Lisa Kane streetscape traffic

About Me

At the age of 47 my grandmother had a sudden, massive stroke which left her paralysed down one side and struggling to breathe.
In the aftermath my mom was taken out of school, age just 15, to support my nan and look after her baby grandson,
who was living with them. On the back of this, my mom vowed that her daughters would
not repeat her own life story…

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