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Lisa Kane Mentor Page
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I like nothing better than supporting others to take the next steps on their own journeys.

Through my own experience I’m familiar with mentoring, coaching, therapy and walking until pennies drop.

If I can’t support you, then I can recommend other avenues for you to try.

Lisa Kane Mentor Page
Credit: https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2006685739/resource/


Since meeting Lisa in 2014, she has been a source of inspiration and encouragement in my professional and personal journey.
Like Lisa, I work in predominantly masculine-dominated spaces (economics, energy, finance). Here, there are few role models of strong,
contributing women like Lisa who are courageous enough to bring their full feminine perspectives, energies and strengths to their working lives.
There are even fewer who also attend consciously to simultaneously inhabiting all their life roles – as mother, daughter, wife and friend – as Lisa does,
with great honesty and experimentation. There are no well-trodden paths here!

Our world is crying out for this re-balancing and the valuing of the feminine, that we might live in greater harmony with each other and our environment.

I’d highly recommend Lisa as an inspiring and compassionate mentor and coach, who lives her values day to day, and who has a wealth of experience
and competence in bringing these values forward in her professional life.

Emily Tyler
Low carbon policy specialist

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