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Lisa Kane God-tricks and the Foreshore

God-tricks and the Foreshore

The models and visuals of the 2017 exhibition of the Foreshore were equally entrancing. They allowed the visitor to get a full sense of the scale and grandeur of the proposals. Visitors could move, as if in an airplane, through the air above the city and see the future visions...

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Lisa Kane Streets which “embody respect”_

Streets which embody respect?

We sat in a formal board-room table overlooking central Cape Town just before Christmas of 2012. We were a small, enthusiastic bunch of street geeks (some of whom went on to set up Open Streets Cape Town) listening intently as each took turns to answer the question: “so, what do...

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Lisa Kane everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted”

“…everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted”

Funders and corporates are accountable to shareholders and voters. Why should anyone, or any thing, offer funds for something which cannot be measured? Especially in a South African context where the needs are so many and the resources so limited? Into this mix…conversations about what is necessary in this country?...

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