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Lisa Kane God-tricks and the Foreshore

God-tricks and the Foreshore

The models and visuals of the 2017 exhibition of the Foreshore were equally entrancing. They allowed the visitor to get a full sense of the scale and grandeur of the proposals. Visitors could move, as if in an airplane, through the air above the city and see the future visions...

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Lisa Kane Dreams of freeway utopias: who benefits? 

Dreams of freeway utopias: who benefits?

In the Spring of 1937, the Shell Oil Company employed stage designer Norman Bel Geddes, to create a scale model of a future, utopian ‘City of Tomorrow’ for shows in New York and Detroit. The head of the Bureau of Street Traffic Research predicted that American cities would be rebuilt...

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Lisa Kane A_Weather Tunnel Exhibition (THF)

The seduction of a ‘free-flow’ Foreshore

The Foreshore proposals still on the table present a future Cape Town where vehicles travel unimpeded at speed across a sparkling landscape. These images of a future Cape Town where traffic congestion is no more is a sensuous and seductive sight. We are lulled and comforted by this frustration-free and...

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