Month: June 2018

Lisa Kane A_Weather Tunnel Exhibition (THF)

The Foreshore proposals still on the table present a future Cape Town where vehicles travel unimpeded at speed across a sparkling landscape. These images of a future Cape Town where traffic congestion is no more is a sensuous and seductive sight. We are lulled and comforted by this frustration-free and flowing future. The counterpoint to …

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Lisa Kane Beware of Transport Economist Talk

The only reason I am not completely intimidated by transport economists is because I have been inside the belly of the beast. My first job was as a transport modeller, the people who feed information to transport economists. Then I worked doing cost-benefit analyses, the bread and butter of a transport economist’s work. I tell …

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Lisa Kane Streets which “embody respect”_

We sat in a formal board-room table overlooking central Cape Town just before Christmas of 2012. We were a small, enthusiastic bunch of street geeks (some of whom went on to set up Open Streets Cape Town) listening intently as each took turns to answer the question: “so, what do you want?” I scribbled a …

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